Summer at Cornerstone

Thank you for prodiving the following for your child/ren attending Summer Camp:

*Inside shoes 

*Extra seasonally appropiate clothing 


*Sunhat and sun glasses 

**Please label all items with your child's name**


Have Questions? 

Reach out to our Enrollment Coordinator, Kiera Newton at

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Summer Camp Intern Program

Cornerstone Montessori School offers a Summer Intern program where we invite alumni students, ages 12-15, who are graduates of our Kindergarten Program to work with the children in the role of intern. Our interns are helpers for the teachers in the classroom and learn responsibility, leadership skills, and have the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of mentoring younger children in a supervised and safe environment.

Introducing Summer Camp 2019 Interns 


Sophie Costenaro, Head Intern June 3rd-June 28th 


Kayla Wong, Head Intern July 1st-July 26th 


NorthEast Interns 

Josh Paulin, 1st Year Intern, June 3rd-June 28th 

I would like to apply and join the Cornerstone Summer Program because of the opportunities it would give me for the future. First, I would be a fun experience that would help me learn how to get along with and take care of children. This would help if I ever decided to babysit or teach. Another thing is, in college ad future job applications it would look good, and maybe help me get in depending on what the college or job likes to see on the applications. One more reason I would like to get this internship is, it would give me something to do over the summer, that is both, productive and fun. Finally, I would like to go back to Cornerstone to see what the school and summer programs are like now, and how things have changed over the years. Thank you for this opportunity, and everything you have done for me in the past, and possibly the future.


Sarah Harbo, 2nd Year Intern, June 3rd-June 28th 

Ella Yancey, 1st Year Intern, July 1st-July 26th 

I’ve been looking forward to the opportunity to be an intern and mentor at Cornerstone Montessori since I was a student. I love babysitting and playing with younger kids. I have been babysitting for 2 years, and I enjoy it so much. I get many requests for babysitting in my neighborhood. I have a certificate in Advanced Care CPR Training Babysitting Course. My teachers often comment I am a hard worker and a good role model for my pears. I try my best in school and have a great work ethic: This comes from where I grew up and the schools I attended like Cornerstone Montessori has helped shape me into who I am today and developed me to be a well-rounded learner. I love the idea and liberty of Montessori, and I want to share that with others.

Sophie Wong, 2nd Year Intern, July 1st-July 26th 



Ana Paula Carballo, 1st Year Intern, June 3rd-June 28th 

There are many reasons why I would like to be an Intern. First, I love working with kids, this year I even became a certified babysitter. I really enjoy seeing how creative kids are. Secondly, I love to work back when I was in Cornerstone and I want to give back for all of the wonderful years. All in all I would like to be an Intern for many reasons.

Finn Rapoport, 3rd Year Intern, June 3rd-June 28th 

Emma Camp-Oberhauser, 2nd Year Intern, July1st- July 26th 

Matthew Dean, 1st Year Intern, July1st- July 26th

Thank you for considering me for the Summer Camp Internship program. I think I would be a good intern because I like working with kids. On my street, there are 9 kids, from 3 to 10 years old, plus my two younger brothers. I also assist teach tae-kwon-do classes. Another reason is that this would help me improve my leadership skills in assisting tae-kwon-do classes. I had a very pleasant time at Cornerstone and I would like to give back and help other kids have this same wonderful experience. 


Sophia Rivera, 2nd Year Intern, June 3rd-June 28th 




Mateo Rivera, 3rd Year Intern, June 3rd-June 28th


Kai Mayfield, 3rd Year Intern, July 1st- July 26th


Gunnar Tande, 2nd Year Intern, July 1st- July 26th



Max McCormick, 1st Year, June 3rd-June 28th 

I want to work at Cornerstone because I like helping kids learn and I have patience with them. I remember my kind teachers when I went to Cornerstone.


Sam Waterman, 1st Year, June 3rd-June 28th 

This internship programs interests because I remember good memories and amazing teachers at Cornerstone. I also, like to be with and teach kids, and this would be a great opportunity for this and to learn more about teaching and have more experience in teaching.


Kadence Bentley, 1st Year, July 1st-July 26th 

I graduated from Cornerstone when I was five years old, but I have been here much longer because my mom found her passion in teaching Montessori. I love children and hope I can continue forward with this passion. 


Casey Reinert, 1st Year, July 1st-July 26th 

I would like to apply for the internship program at Cornerstone because I really loved my experience there and would like to help others have a similar one. The people I knew at Cornerstone and still communicate with are kind and reasonable kind hearted people who care, that is why I love this school. Although playing with blocks sounds like a lot of fun and kind of tempts me, I find another reason I want to help others and be a leader, I think I will find this in Cornerstone and will be able to fill in the blanks to help me be an amazing and responsible leader.


Toddler House

Audrey Madron, 1st Year, July 1st-July 26th 

I would thoroughly enjoy participating in the amazing opportunity that is helping out at Cornerstone Montessori School. First of all, I love taking care of small children. I love the challenge they present, as well as their sometimes inexhaustible energy and silliness. Also, being at Cornerstone Montessori would help develop my leadership and responsibility skills. If watching kids doesn’t do that, nothing will. Finally, I would like to spend my summer doing something worthwhile. Instead of the normal playing and reading, I would like be helping out a school at which I had a really good time. All in all, I would love to help Cornerstone Montessori School because I love kids. I would develop leadership skills, and I would spend the Summer doing something worthwhile.